1st Canadian Internet Trefoil Guild 1CITG crest

The CyberRose Society (now E-Guiding) dreamed of a cyber Trefoil Guild and a few months later
on May 1, 2003, the 1st Canadian Internet Trefoil Guild was founded.

This is a National Guild with individual members' home being their local Province.
As Guild members are internet friends and there is a wide geographical distance
Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia,
NFL, Yukon, the UK and the USA)
they've chosen the internet as their meeting place.
They meet officially on the last weekend of the month, alternating Saturdays and Sundays
on a private chat room called Chatzy.
Members keep in touch through a Yahoo group site called
Power of Purple,
affectionately called POP. Members must join the group site.

Members had fun at their first Christmas Party on-line Dec 2003 - crafts, games food, songs. Their online parties have continued over the years - Halloween, Christmas, Thinking Day, sleepovers, etc
They publish a quarterly newsletter called "A Taste of Truffles" - first issue June 2004.

Service projects are an integral part of Trefoil Guilds. Starting in 2004 our Guild has done a great many service projects - knit, crochet or quilt squares for the Blankets for Canada project; knit or crochet purple baby caps for the Purple Crying Project; knit or crochet little dolls for the Izzy Doll project for distribution by soldiers on peace keeping missions; send cards for the Christmas Card Angel Project; collect used postage stamps and Campbell soup labels; etc.

They've created and fund The Elaine Hodgson Memorial Lone Guiding Campership Fund in memory of their second president to help Lones - Sparks thru Rangers - attend Guiding events and camps. Donations to the Campership can be sent to National. Guild Members put together a recipe and craft CD/DVD and created a cute Miss Truffles campership crest

which they sell as fund raisers for the Campership. Email the guild if you are interested in purchasing one or more at
1st Canadian Internet Trefoil Guild; subject line - Campership FundRaisers
Click here for their fun Miss T crest challenge they created - you do not have to do this challenge to purchase the crest - this is optional.

The Guild has a special yearly service project; each fall they contact WAGGGS for the name of a country that is having problems paying annual membership fee to WAGGGS. Members of the Guild are asked to donate money towards this amount which is then sent to WAGGGS.

Membership in this Guild is open to Canadian women over the age of thirty who have been enrolled in Girl Guides of Canada or who are willing and able to be enrolled. Members may belong to a local Trefoil Guild and be active in other roles in Guiding. Members who move to another country may maintain their GGC membership and Guild membership by contacting their provincial office or the national office to become a member-at-large.  They must also  have internet access and enjoy communicating through the internet. For more information or to join the 1st Canadian Internet Trefoil Guild send an email to 1st Canadian Internet Trefoil Guild; subject line - Registrar


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