CyberRose Awards

Girl Guides have been committed to service since we began.

Although E-Guiding is not an 'official' Guiding group we are Guiders .
Therefore E-Guiding would like to honor those who do e-service
not under an 'official' Guiding entity - eg unit, council, etc

E-Guiding has 2 e-service awards that we created -
List Angel - for listers giving service to others on YIGGGS
CyberRose Award - for listers giving service above and beyond a list angel

Don't procrastinate - nominate listers who desesrve it today with a special

You can also nominate listers for the appropriate GGC awards
for e-service/etc not covered under an 'official' Guiding entity - eg unit, council, etc
and send the form/recommendations to us - we will take care of the rest.

Our Awards chair is eagerly awaiting nomination forms - keep her busy - send yours today!
E-Guiding wants to hear about and award all our deserving listers.

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