Meet your E-Guiding Council

Everyone who fills in our online memberhip form and pays their dues is a member of E-Guiding.
Members of E-Guiding may join our YIGGGS List on Yahoo.

E-Guiding's executive is made up of several committees
that serves the needs and day to day business for E-Guiding by:

* encouraging the use of awards to honor our members for their e-guiding service -
both GG of C Awards and our CyberRose Society Awards

* fund raising to help cover expenses - eg: Awards, honorariums, CWFF donations, etc

* having a safe & secure place to share photos of our membership and eyelash chats

* creating adult challenge badges

* sharing information to make our Guiding jobs easier and fun -
eg list netiquette, list subscription info, Guiding products, links to other web sites, etc

* hosting the GuideZone, Tuneguide & CyberRose websites on E-Guiding.com

* bringing together the threads of E-Guiding in one location

* updating our membership list regularly and collecting our membership dues to cover our E-Guiding expenses
President -
RailScout aka Aggie (NY, USA)
Secretary -
Judy B (AB)
Treasurer -
Faith C (NB)
Guider-at-Large -
KathyP (ON)
Website Committee -
Craft (AB)
Merchandise Committee -
Faith C (NB)
Awards Committee -
Helen A (NS)
TLC Committee -
Nadene (ON)
Challenge Badge Committee -
Faith C (NB)
Tuneguide -
Susan T (ON) -
ListMom Committee -
Alana R (ON)
KathyP (ON)
Anne F (ON)
Craft (AB)
GuideZone Committee -
Anne F (ON)
Wendy B (ON)
Faith C (NB)
Craft (AB)
Judy B (AB)

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