Flaming is one of the curses of the internet
- a personal attack on another citizen of cyberspace thru email.

A flame attacks a person's opinion and often them personally ie flaming is an emotional response and not a reasonable disagreement. You read something that upsets you, then you think of a neat response ... and before you can say "What have I done?" the message has been sent . . to the list or an individual.

This doesn't mean that you can't disagree with others on the Guiding list, it would be a very dull discussion if everybody agreed, in fact there would be no point in the discussion at all.

If you read something that really makes you angry, resist the temptation to fire off an emotional response. The sender probably didn't realize how the message would sound to others - remember there is no tone of voice to help guide you so you may be reading anger etc into the words that the sender did not intend.

Take a deep breath, go for a walk, put the message away until tomorrow. .
Then, don't flame back.

You'll never regret NOT sending an angry message.

Keep in mind that no-one ever changed their mind because some called them a rude name.

Flames are not only unkind they are a waste of time.

To flame or not - check out our Guiding Law and you will know the answer.

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