E-Guiding History

In the late 1990's the members of the Guiding List on SKL pulled together and donated money to purchase an old Unit flag from e-Bay to donate to the Manitoba archives.

This was our first indication of the possibility we could organize on an electronic basis. Since then the List has easily conducted other business such as donations and awards, in each case individual members have acted on behalf of the List.

In 2000 the Guiding List ran into a major snag. The List had been running on a free Listserv program allowing a maximum of 500 members, and we were fast approaching that mark. To use a full Listserv program, it would cost money - lots of it. We sent Steve Linn on a fact-finding mission while the call went out for donations to keep us running. The donations came in but we were dismayed to learn that a full Listserv program would cost thousands of dollars - per year!

Steve came through for us in a way that not only earned our love and respect but also the title of "Sir Steve of SKL". He explained our purpose to LSoft who owns the Listserv program and, as a result, they DONATED us a yearly license for the full Listserv program which we renew each year.

2001 - We were now left to decide what to do with the funds already collected. Donors were contacted and unanimously agreed to put the funds to use: first, for a gift for Steve and secondly for the general needs of the List. This presented a new situation regarding administration of funds so volunteers were polled for an official committee and the CyberRose Society was born! - establishing an executive committee, for the Guiding List with representation across Canada, to oversee the day-to-day business.

Our 4 Charter Members were:
Heather Goacher (aka Craft), AB - Chairperson / Webmistress
Thérèse Preece, B.C. - Secretary / Merchandising
Kathleen Pechmann, ON - Public Relations and crest sales
Kathy Brown, NS - Treasurer

Are we an official body of Girl Guides of Canada? No, but we are all members of Girl Guiding or Girl Scouting somewhere in the world, and we make a point of following the guidelines and principles of a Guiding committee.
2002 - we celebrated our first birthday with a scavengar hunt created by Kathy Pechmann

2003 - we celebrated our second birthday with the Great CyberRose Chain created by Kathy Pechmann

2004 - The CyberRose Society worked hard setting us up in our new home on
E-Guiding as Sir Steve has GONE HOME.

2006 - we are 5 years old!

- CyberRose Society (YiGGGS council) was changed to E-Guiding Council; the CyberRose website deleted, the pages moved to the E-Guiding website

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