The merchandise below is sold to raise funds for E-Guiding.

We make a very small profit from the sale of the merchandise. The funds earned are used to help cover the annual cost of the E-Guiding websites, as well as such things as awards, challenge badges, memorial donations, YIGGGS list purchases (an example being when we bought the Unit flag from ebay a few years ago), etc. This allows us to keep our membership fee as low and infrequent as possible.

Due to your generous support, we've only had to charge a membership fee once. If we continue to receive donations for ebay and sell merchandise, we hope to avoid asking for a 2nd membership fee.

Use our printer-friendly form to order.

Please note: all prices include applicable taxes, shipping and handling :)

E-Guiding Crest
. . . for your camp blanket, to swap, etc!!
Buy one - - - buy several.
$2.00 in Canada $2.50 all other countries

Transfers -

Customize your clothing, totebags, etc!

Two sizes are available:
small = 6.5 in. x 4.25 in (16.5 cm x 10.8 cm)
$2.00 each

large = 9 in. x 6.5 in. (23 cm x 16.5 cm)
$4.00 each

Tattoos -

package of 7 only $2:00

Magnet - only $2.00

These products are handmade and lead free (97% tin, 3% silver)
Earrings - $12.50

Studs or hooks

surgical steel posts

Charm - $6.50

FYI - do NOT solder, charm will melt. Use split ring etc to connect to braclet.

Necklace - $12.50

Keytag - $9.50 Lapel Pin - $6.50

SKL Eyelash Crest - $1.50

Wannabe Crest
$1.50 Crest - $1.50

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