Duct Tape Diva

1. Create a work of art from duct tape.

2. Create a dance, song, play, rap, rant, poem
or other work of art about duct tape.

3. Show or discuss the use of duct tape in at least five of the following areas:

a) first aid b) cooking
c) reinforcement d) waterproofing
e) household repairs - indoor f) household repairs - outdoor
g) mechanical repairs h) conservation
i) games j) camping
k) other

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1. Take steps to improve your fitness level. Track your progress for six months.

skeleton2. Find out about fitness activities that are good for your:
a) bones
b) heart
c) blood sugar
d) weight

fitness runners

3. Plan and lead a fitness break at a meeting,
camp, conference, training, etc.

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1. WAGGGS is a NGO. Find out about four other NGOs that work with women or girls nationally or internationally.

woman2. Who represents WAGGGS at the UN? What do they do?

3. Choose a project by WAGGGS or another NGO that helps women and girls. Raise money or find material to support it.

4. Tell a Guiding group and a non-Guiding group about this project. This may be as an oral or written presentation, a poster, a song, a display, etc.

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Subject line - International Development Challenge Badge

1. Knot a useful and decorative object (macramé, hemp jewelry, lanyard, etc.).

2. Make a miniature camp gadget using at least two kinds of lashing.flag raising

3. Demonstrate knots to:

bedrolls a) keep the end of a rope from fraying
b) shorten a rope without cutting it
c) make a non-slip loop
d) raise a flag
e) tie a bedroll or package

4. Teach two of these knots to somebody else.

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