1. Choose 6 of the following categories. Take at least 2 photographs that fit into each of these 6 categories (minimum of 12 photographs in total):

a) landscape
b) cityscape
c) people
d) children
e) action shot
f) still life
g) animals
h) flowers
i) Guiding Event
j) underwater shot
k) night shot
l) other

2. Know enough about how your camera works to be able to show someone who did not already know how to use it how to do so. Mentor that person in taking at least 1 photograph from each of at least 3 of the categories above.

Email E-Guiding with your items attached - PDF or doc files
Subject line -Photographer Challenge Badge

1. Do any three of the following:

a) Put up a poster about Guiding in your community.
b) Be interviewed about Guiding on the radio or TV or in the newspaper.
microphonec) Write an article about a Guiding event (past or future) for our local newspaper.
d) Help organize a “Bring A Friend” activity for girls or adults.
e) Help organize a bridging activity for girls or adults.
f) Work at an information booth in your community (cookie time, wanted posterregistration, etc.).
g) Wear your uniform in public at least three times that you normally would not.
h) Other similar project.

Email E-Guiding with details of your activities
Subject line - Public Relations Challenge Badge

1. Contribute to the CWFF, over and above what you would normally contribute, to help your Sisters in Guiding in other countries.

2. Show that you are a Sister in Guiding by any four of the following:

a) Do a good turn for a sister in Guiding.
b) Send a card or greeting to a sister in Guiding
to congratulate her, celebrate with her, console her, etc.
c) Sign up at least one new member to the Guiding List.
d) Attend at least one non-required training or event with sister Guiders.
e) Submit a photo from an eyelash chat, complete with photo releases, to the CyberRose Society Web site or to a Guiding publication.
f) Mentor another sister in Guiding.
g) Do something to thank a sister in Guiding who has helped you.
h) Nominate a sister in Guiding for an award she deserves.
i) Other.

Note: "Sister in Guiding" is defined in the broadest possible sense
and includes Girl Guides and Girl Scouts of all ages

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Subject line - Sister in Guiding Challenge Badge

Design a website using web creation software or html/xm
Website should include:

1. different texts/fonts
2. graphics/images
3. links (that work)
4. balanced use of colour
5. more then one web page

NB - If you are still working on your website it can be one that you have already done, - ie it can't be something you haven't touched in the last year

Email E-Guiding with your website URL
Subject line - Website Challenge Badge

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