Good "netiquette for our list includes:

These simple things help make the list a great place for us all.

- - Before you email the list/listmom for help - You can do it, yes you can!

- - Sending your emails in plain text.

- - Reading through all your list email before posting a response to the list;
someone else may have already posted your thoughts

- - Using your indoor voice - using capital letters is SHOUTING

- - Because your email goes to the list via the Yahoo Group, your email addy may not show on your email (it does in digest, but I believe it does not for individual emails). Therefore, please include your email addy in your signature block, making it possible for other list members to contact you directly. -
you can make it clickable by typing the following before your addy with no spaces:

- - Being polite in your responses to the list and privately to individuals - agree to disagree - no flaming please

- - Keeping the quoted parts of emails in your reply to the minumum - just enough to so your answer makes sense. Many members of this list receive it in digest format (up to 25 emails strung together one after the other in one long email). Not only does it get a bit annoying to have to scroll past the same email over and over again, but when someone replies to a reply, it can mean that email is now a 3-in-1, or more, and digesters have to scroll past more and more to get to the next new email. And if the reply is to a long email -- well, you get the idea. Digesters are as eager as you are to read all the new emails, so please help them get to the next email quickly.

- - Making your subject line relate to your email.
Please change the subject line of an e-mail you are replying to when you change the subject.

- - Sending your reply privately if the sender has requested this and when requesting someone to send you an attachment etc that they've offered on the list

- - When you are sending a web address (URL), it would really help if you started the URL with http:// When you do that, it makes the URL a clickable for most (if not all) of us. Then we just need to click, instead of having to cut and paste it. It's a little thing, but it sure can be a help if you have sent a number of URL's to a number of sites.

- - Please do not attempt to send any attachments to this list. To prevent viruses being spread through this list, the settings do not allow for any attachments.

- - If you wish a list member to send you something they have mentioned having available, please email them directly. (And if you are offering, please do not forget to include your email address in your posting) It is much easier for whoever offered to send the file to you from a direct email as they only need to hit reply and then attach the file. And there will be many fewer "yes please" emails showing up in 300+ inboxes.

- - To not miss emails, and to make things a lot easier for the moderators, please try and keep your email account from going over quota. One common way that email accounts get filled is if it is set to save a copy of the emails you send (which is often a default for email accounts). You might want to check your "sent" folder and see if this has been happening and delete what you don't need to keep.

- - If you change email addresses, please make the appropriate changes in your subscription so that emails won't start bouncing. If you don't know how to do so, you can send an email requesting help to E-Guiding - Subj ListMom help and a ListMom member will get back to you as soon as possible.

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