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Updated July 30th, 2011

Sir Steve's scrapbook
This is the scrapbook we put together shortly after Sir Steve went home.
This is a must if you haven't seen it.
For those who have it's a great memory to revisit.
Warning: TITK may result upon viewing

E-Guiding Challenge Badges
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CyberRose Logo
Find out why the logo was created and what each part of it represesnts

New - YiGGGS Map
Click on the map button in the site map and see where your sister Guiders live.
While you're there don't forget to add yourself to our map

Dorothy Crocker Website Award
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CyberRose Awards
Put your thinking camp on this summer - who on our list deserves an award?
E-Guiding has our own awards for e-service > List Angel and CyberRose
We also nominate listers for GGC awards for e-guiding service.
Keep our Awards Chair busy sending out awards? >
nominate someone today!
Check out list of
recipients then see how many others you can add to it.

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